“Life Means Life” Law Will Leave Criminals Behind Bars for Life

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the EditorOTTAWA – LETTERS – Some criminals don’t deserve to ever see the light of day again.

Our new “Life Means Life” law will make sure that when the most heinous and barbaric criminals get a life sentence they stay behind bars for life.

Who would be affected by this?

     1. People who kill a police officer or prison guard.

     2. People who commit murder as part of an act of terrorism.

     3. Murderers who sexually assault or kidnap and confine their victims.

     4. The most brutal murderers in the country.

Justin Trudeau has said plainly, he “wouldn’t rule out repealing mandatory minimums for anyone” (SUN News, Nov. 20, 2013) because he disagrees with the Conservative approach to tackling crime.

He doesn’t agree that certain crimes are so heinous that the public has a right to demand a minimum penalty.

With our new Life Means Life legislation, we can keep these violent offenders behind bars and away from Canadian families and communities for the rest of their lives.

But Justin Trudeau won’t rule out scrapping all of our progress.

Kelly Block
MP, Saskatoon–Rosetown–Biggar

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