French Police Hunt Three Murderers in Charlie Hebdo Attack

Je Suis Charlie

Manhunt for Terror Killers Expands

PARIS – The hunt is on in France as anti-terrorism police search an apartment in the north-eastern city of Reims.

Police issued a document to forces earlier identifying three men who were being sought in connection to the attack on a satrical magazine Charlie Hebdo that left 12 dead.

The document, names the suspects as Said Kouachi, born in 1980; Cherif Kouachi, born in 1982; and Hamyd Mourad, born in 1996 who is from Reims.

As of 10:40PM EST there is word that Hamyd Mourad has surrounded to authorities.

The Kouachi brothers are from the Paris region.

French police staged a huge manhunt for the attackers who escaped by car after shooting dead some of France’s top cartoonists as well as two police officers.

About 800 soldiers were brought in to shore up security across the capital.

Video by Reuters