NDP Bring in Howard Hampton for Ring of Fire

The mining world is global. ActLabs in Thunder Bay tests mineral samples from around the region and around the world
The mining world is global.

Howard Hampton
OTTAWA – The Ring of Fire is on the minds of the New Democrats. In a statement issued by the federal New Democrats, “After years of inaction by the federal and provincial governments, New Democrats are reinforcing their commitment to the Ring of Fire with the appointment of Howard Hampton who will act as the NDP’s Special Advisor to the project”.

“The Ring of Fire is a once in a generation opportunity to reshape Northern Ontario,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. “We need someone who understands the North, who understands Queen’s Park, and who knows how to get things done. That person is Howard Hampton.”

The Ring of Fire project has stalled in part due to governments failing to work together. This inaction has meant no new jobs, no investment and no leadership in working with First Nations and communities.

“We need the federal government to cooperate fully with the Ontario government on infrastructure and skills training so that companies can invest in Northern Ontario,” said Hampton. “This project is about the future of Northern Ontario and I am committed to moving it forward.”

Hampton is a former Leader of the Ontario NDP, former Member of Provincial Parliament from the North and brings invaluable knowledge and expertise to the NDP in their fight for the Ring of Fire mining project.