Climate Change Debate Needs To Up Its Professionalism

Climate Change Debate
Scientists are confusing the public on climate issues.
Scientists are confusing the public on climate issues.

THUNDER BAY – “May you live in interesting times” – That statement is one few of us do not live in in our daily lives. When it comes to the issue of climate change, we live in very interesting times.

To me, the reality is our climate is always changing. Climate changes have been happening since long before the first time human beings started to recording weather data.

Yet today, if you get a few hot days in July, or a few cold days in September, pundits on both sides of the issue of global climate change start declaring that those weather events are solid and obvious proof that unquestionably supports their view on the issue.

The real fact is our climate is changing. But we also need to be strong in being objective on what is causing the changes, and focused that human life here on this little green and blue planet is actually very dependent on our climate.

Over the past forty years, starting in the 1970s, scientists were proclaiming that our planet was headed toward a new ice age. Through the past twenty years, scientists were proclaiming we were heating up and global warming was the threat to our existence on Earth.

One of the issues clouding the debate and the efforts to study often come on how the media report on the issue.

Some experts have proclaimed that “The Debate is Over”.

Actually all of us should hope that all scientists and climate experts keep their minds open, and continue to follow the data and not their emotions.

It is perhaps time for some in the media to start doing the same. This week in Thunder Bay and across Northwestern Ontario we have seen early season snowfalls, and frost warnings, all coming before the first day of fall.

That is not a direct indication of climate change. Climate change is not instant coffee, it is taking place over a long period of time, and is continuing to happen. Cold snaps, unseasonable snowfalls are what is called weather.

Pundits and experts on both sides of the issue, often use terms to describe the positions of those on the other side of the issue as “flat earthers”, “Deniers” and other less than scientific term.

Others who state that man is not responsible for climate change far too often use cold weather stories to prove their point. The level of discourse needs to rise to a far more professional level.

NetNewsLedger does not claim to be the expert on climate. However as a service to our readers and viewers we offer all sides in the discussion. Our goal there is to continue to allow you, our readers and viewers to gain insight into the issue.

Our belief is that you are intelligent enough to see through the fog bank, and to make intelligent and informed decisions on the issues of the day.

James Murray

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