Reader Questions Thunder Bay Council on Wind Farm

Nor'wester Mountain Escarpment
This will be the view that residents in the area near the wind turbines will see.
Nor'wester Mountain Escarpment
This will be the view that residents in the area near the wind turbines will see.

Wind Farm Debate Continues in Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY – Reader’s Ledger – I sat in the chambers one evening, the date eludes me at this time, but you all sat there and clearly agreed in a motion that HORIZON LEGACY GROUP/HORIZON WIND/BIG THUNDER WIND PARK, was NOT allowed to cut a SINGLE TREE until ALL APPROVALS by the province were in place. As of today, the province has yet to approve their REA, yet someone in your city department went ahead and granted these clowns the rights to go up to the mountain and cut down a large swath of trees!!

They call it “trimming”  well, you trim a Christmas tree, they aren’t trimming anything by the looks of these photos now do they?

I guess the city council’s word doesn’t mean squat these days now does it?

According to Horizon’s spokesperson, they were given permission a few weeks ago and when questioned about your motion in the chambers, they claimed they knew nothing of it.  So again, are you just merely puppets and Administration does nothing more than pull your strings? Or perhaps they simply muttered the word “LAWSUIT” and everyone ran for the hills again.

This makes me wonder how many other things that were “passed in motion” have been simply ignored by those in the various departments which my tax dollars fund ($5236.00 this year by the way).

I suggest someone, one of you, any of you ask the question as to who the hell authorized this??  Given this, you can bet I won’t believe another damn word that comes out of your mouths.

Council Gagged?

I did receive an email from Mayor Hobbs, he said, “I would love to respond but I have been told that if I comment publicly or privately for that matter I will get sued and the city will not cover my legal fees. What is a gagged Mayor to do?”

Diagram supplied by Nor'Wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee
Diagram supplied by Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee

I’ve also included a nice comparison photo so you can see what these puppies actually look like in comparison to other city landmarks:

Those are accurate by the way.

Sincerely a very disillusioned tax payer

Dan Fiorito

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