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Denver's Harley Ride
Denver's Harley ride
THUNDER BAY – A day of smiles, team spirit and generous donors and friends. 

 What a busy day! Allan Dickson was here to photograph us for our yearbook as he has every year. Five teams created cardboard boats, the boats were raced this afternoon and then the crew stayed down at the beach for the afternoon for water fights, tube rides, and relaxing. This evening we had our annual visit from the Harley Owners Group and a scavenger hunt.

Camp Quality Smiles and Friends

We also welcomed generous supporters : the DeBrusks from Mr. Lube , Noni from Helium Highs and Ted, Agnieszka, Ken and Irene from the Royal Canadian Legion #219. These fine folks had fundraisers for us in June and July.The H.O.G. Group also were generous, giving each child a Harley shirt and a generous donation.
Camp Quality
Building the cardboard boats at Camp Quality
Camp Quality
Camp Quality – Racing winner in the far lane
Camp Quality
Intense water fight at Camp Quality
Camp Quality
Camp Quality the smiles tell the story

Lost and found is re-found by performing
Lost and found is re-found by performing

Camp Quality
Camp Quality
Camp Quality Cabin 4 wins for cleanest cabin!

Denver's Harley Ride
Denver’s Harley ride
Camp Quality
Best Buds Lucan and Randy
Thank you visitors
Thank you visitors
We have an early start Wednesday with a stop at Terry Fox, Northern Lights Golf Course and The Complex for a swim and a shower…yes a lonnnnng shower.
I did ask the campers to contribute today and have chosen few comments to share. I think they are having fun parents!
To an older brother who was a long term camper. “it’s no fun without my broski here. YOU NEED TO BE HERE!  P.S. tell mom not to come and pick me up or dad!
To her whole family…I am having a fun time at camp . we are going tubing today and fishing on Thursday and we are eating really good food. …I hope you guys miss me because I miss you guys.
Dear Mom…I ‘m having fun but I miss you . I hope you have a good trip and bring me something back.
Dear Mom and Dad, I am having fun flicking people’s heads and staying up late with a hyper person. Too much candy in our cabin. Not sleeping tonight….
Dear Mom & Dad, It has been awesome! We won two prizes for the cabin. My fav part was the Amethyst mine. We made a necklace with the amethyst. Today I’m racing in a cardboard boat!!!
Dear Mommy and Daddy, I’m having a good time. I got to go in a boat. We went swimming and I won crazy hair day and best decorated.
Dear family, It has rained all week but today we are going tubing and it will be fun. I hope my room is done when I get back! I met two new friends. It is awesome!

Camp Quality Northwest Blog

This is the second year that has hosted the Camp Quality Northwest blog. We are pleased to support the work of Clara, the work of Camp Quality, and the ongoing battle to beat cancer. On a personal note, cancer has taken both of my grandparents, it tried to take my mom. There are few people in Northwestern Ontario who are not impacted by cancer. When cancer takes on children, it is time for us all to rally to help them.
Camp Quality will be connected this year by Tbaytel with Internet from East Loon Lake at the Thunder Bay United Church Camp Duncan.
Tbaytel Network

Find out more: Camp Quality

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