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Lakehead ThunderwolvesTHUNDER BAY – Sports – The Lakehead Thunderwolves claimed both the women’s and men’s team championships on Sunday at the OUA Nordic Skiing Championships. The championships were hosted at the Lappe Nordic Ski Centre.

Lakehead Thunderwolves Skiers own the podium 

Thunderwolves skiers were also the top individual finishers on the weekend, with Alannah Maclean and Scott Hill named tournament MVPs. The Carleton Ravens were runners up in both the men’s and women’s team standings. For the Lakehead women’s team, this marks an unprecedented 9th consecutive OUA title, while the men’s team achieved the more conventional repeat as OUA champions. 

Lakehead coach Amanda Holdsworth was named OUA Coach of the Year. 

Sunday’s events featured the women’s 10km Classic race, while the men’s 15km Classic followed. 

Alannah Maclean took first place in the Classic race, edging out her team mate Andrea Lee by 1.6s with a total time of 35:30.7. Kendra Murray of Carleton finished 3rd, 8.2s behind Maclean.  

In the men’s Classic, Scott Hill took first place with a time of 46:01.2, a healthy 17.7s ahead of Harry Seaton, and 20.0s ahead of Leif Lennie. Carleton’s Peter Beisel finished in 4th place, 21.2s behind Hill. The Raven’s Ben Wilkinson-Zan skied the fastest lap of all skiers, but could not maintain his pace over the entire 15km and finished 6th, almost a minute off the pace.  

Women’s 10km Classic (Top 10 out of 45) Complete Results 

1. Alannah Maclean (Lakehead)

2. Andrea Lee (Lakehead)

3. Kendra Murray (Carleton)

4. Anna Crawford (Carleton)

5. Adele Lay (Carleton)

6. Pauliina Kietavainen ((Lakehead)

7. Mary Thompson (Guelph)

8. Kara Jaspers ((Lakehead)

9. Moira Haggarty (Lakehead)

10. Ingrid Hagberg (Carleton) 

Men’s 15km Classic (Top 10 out of 51) Complete Results 

1. Scott Hill (Lakehead)

2. Harry Seaton (Lakehead)

3. Leif Lennie (Lakehead)

4. Peter Beisel (Carleton)

5. Victor Hopper (Lakehead)

6. Ben Wilkinson-Zan (Carleton)

7. Leeland Hawkings (Carleton)

8. Oliver Conway-White (Waterloo)

9. Logan Potter (Carleton)

10. Duncan McTaggart (Carleton) 

Team Standings (Top 3 teams- Complete Standings including all teams will be amended later today – Toronto, Nipissing, Laurentian, Queen’s , Guelph (M) and Waterloo(W)) 


1. Lakehead (39 pts)

2. Carleton (53 pts)

3. Guelph (110 pts) 


1. Lakehead (25 pts)

2. Carleton (52 pts)

3. Waterloo (132 pts) 

Day 1 Results- Women’s and Men’s Freestyle 

Day 1 Results- Women’s and Men’s Relay


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