DreamCatcher Mentoring is an innovative e-mentoring program


www.dreamcatchermentoring.ca/THUNDER BAY – Investing in youth makes sense. Mentoring young people is what the DreamCatcher program is all about. DreamCatcher Mentoring is an innovative e-mentoring program designed to empower students to realize the rewards of staying in school. The group have created a unique strategy to bridge the education, cultural, communication, and geographic gaps in Canada by connecting Yukon and Nunavut high school students with Canadian mentors who work in their aspired ‘dream careers’.

“DreamCatcher Mentoring believes that empowering youth and providing self-directed and high-quality mentorship will give students the confidence, leadership, and skills needed to create attainable goals, complete their education, and work towards their dreams and aspirations,” said Josh Silvertown, Executive Director for DreamCatcher Mentoring. “With the support from the Government of Canada, 300 youth from across Canada’s three territories will take part in a quality e-mentoring and leadership program that connects them one-on-one with Canadian mentors who work in the students’ aspired career of choice. An additional 100 students will be engaged through hands-on in-class workshops facilitated by DCM Mentors. DCM has been offering e-mentoring programming to northern Canadian youth since 2005, and is seeing results in curbing high school graduation drop-out rates by bridging the geographic, cultural, and education gaps in Canada.”

An investment from the Government of Canada will allow young people in Canada’s North to take part in leadership development and career e-mentoring while getting involved in their communities and learning about their country. Support for the DreamCatcher Mentoring (DCM) Program was announced today by Ryan Leef, Member of Parliament (Yukon), on behalf of the Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages.

With this support, 400 northern youth aged 14 to 30 will begin a dialogue with mentors. These 400 young people will be exposed to Canadians professionals and given examples of potential career avenues in the rest of Canada, while also incorporating local values and local opportunities that reflect the reality of Yukon careers, history, and heritage. Mentors will gain awareness and knowledge about Canada’s North and its people.

“We are proud to invest in successful, affordable programs that give our young people the chance to learn about what makes us Canadian,” said Minister Moore. “By supporting initiatives like the DreamCatcher Mentoring Program, our Government is delivering on its commitment to strengthen our economy and support our arts, culture, and heritage.”

“Our Government is pleased to support this project that will give young Canadians the opportunity to develop their confidence and skills and make them more inclined to stay in school and further pursue their education and aspirations,” said Mr. Leef. “Through this experience, they will become aware of the importance of being active and engaged citizens who contribute to our country and its future.”

For more information visit www.dreamcatchermentoring.ca