Bruce Hyer – Proud of Canada’s achievements, optimistic about the future


Bruce Hyer MPTHUNDER BAY – Leaders Ledger – Bruce Hyer, Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay-Superior North, is celebrating Canada’s 145th birthday by wishing residents of the riding a happy July 1st.

The MP spoke about Canada’s rich history and promising future:

Canada Day is the perfect time for families right across the country to come together and reflect on what makes our nation special. Today we celebrate our shared heritage, our diversity, and our rich natural heritage.

As Canadians, we are lucky to be a part of an incredible cultural mosaic. Rather than divide us, our differences are often what makes us richer and stronger. Most of us are fortunate enough to live in relative comfort, but we must recognize that this is not true for all Canadians. Many of us do not share equally in the nation’s bounty, and too many still live in poverty, especially children. We still face many challenges, but we can take pride that when we work together as a nation, we can overcome adversity.

Canada could have a bright future. We’ve been blessed by our peoples and our geography so far, but there is progress to be made for a better Canada if we all work together. I want to thank the people of Thunder Bay-Superior North for their support this past year, and I look forward to helping build a better life for people in our region and our country in the years to come.

Bruce Hyer MP

Thunder Bay Superior North

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