Welcome to the "New" NetNewsledger.com


new site pictureTHUNDER BAY – Welcome to the first stage of the new look, and new feel of NetNewsledger.com. Working with the team at the Urban Boutique, the site is taking on an entirely new design, which should as everything comes together make it easier for you to know what is happening in Thunder Bay and beyond.

We are continuing what we call our “NASA Approach” where we launch things live, and then continue to work on the site.

The official launch of the entire site is planned for September, as new features, and new portals are going to be continuing to come online.

Some of the new features are already here.

You can now subscribe to the site, for free of course, to get email updates so you can stay abreast of news as it happens.

On the site itself, you can customise your own experience. All of the boxes with News, Editorial, the Leader’s Ledgers, Candidate’s Ledgers, Entertainment and Sports can be moved to the position you would like them.

We are very excited about this next stage in the evolution of NetNewsledger.com. The truth is none of what we are doing could happen without you, our readers and your solid support of our site.

Thank you, Meegwetch, Merci, Kiitos, Grazie, and Tika hoki!

James Murray
News Director