Reader – This has been a very windy weekend


This has been a very windy weekend. Just before the wind industry gleefully announces how much electricity they produced and how many homes may or may not have been powered by wind this weekend, let’s look wind’s real contribution and how Dalton McGuinty and Brad Duguid manage to keep spending taxpayers’ money for nothing:

1. Guarantee the wind industry $135 per megawatt hour for wind power we do not need.

2. Dump the surplus wind power generated on this windy weekend.

3. Earn only $25.67 for each – MWH exported/sold/dumped.

4. Subsidize wind developers by $135.00 – $25.67 = $109.33 per MWH

5. Total cost to Ontario – $3,731,104.91

Does Dwight Duncan understand Economics 101?

Does McGuinty not comprehend the elementary rules of supply and demand?

Does anyone at Queen’s Park know what is going on?

How do wind turbines get to trump logic?

In less that 32 hours they blew nearly 4 million of our dollars!

Ian Hanna