“First of all, I’d like to thank all of those…” Andy Wolff


THUNDER BAY – First of all, I’d like to thank all of those who supported my campaign.  Whether you attended my public meetings, assisted with my campaign, allowed me to put up lawn signs, made donations or marked an “X” beside my name, I’m forever grateful to you.

I commend all of those candidates for putting their name forward.  A number of them attended my public meetings and presented many ideas that would be beneficial to our city.  I encourage them to bring forth those ideas to our new city council.  True teamwork should not be only exercised within council chambers, but also from input provided by the citizens of our city.

I offer my congratulations to Councillor Foulds on getting re-elected by running a strong and clean campaign.  My only regret was never having the opportunity for both of us to engage in a public forum for Current River Ward residents, as in past elections.  I feel these types of events get higher voter turnout, rather than being continually bombarded by preachy rhetoric.  Remember, it’s not your responsibility to vote, but rather to vote responsibly.

In closing, I wish Mayor-Elect, Keith Hobbs the best of success on achieving his objectives of fiscal responsibility, safe community, positive development and being a strong voice for citizens.  I encourage the rest of City Council and Administration to get behind our new mayor, for his success will be ours.

Andy Wolff

Thunder Bay

2010 Candidate – Current River Ward Councillor