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Why I am Running for Mayor – Frank Pullia

THUNDER BAY – I believe in our potential as a city. Recent changes in our economy are creating new challenges and opportunities that have the potential to greatly enhance or undermine our region’s economic viability and future prosperity. My background and experience; I believe in this great city of ours. I also believe that… •

Posted 9 September 2010 by in Politics
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Thank-You Thunder Bay!

THUNDER BAY – Thunder Bay is an amazing place. Our city has amazing opportunities, and incredible potential. One of the ways Thunder Bay can grow is in having the free and open discussion of ideas. One of the goals on over the past five years has been providing an online place where residents in

Posted 9 September 2010 by in NNL Headline News
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An Impossible Dream? – Andy Wolff

THUNDER BAY – I appreciate the numerous comments made, regarding my platform in the upcoming municipal election.  It shows a passionate interest in our city.  The objectives I am committed to achieving are: –     No tax increases and reducing debt –     Proactive management –     Reducing crime –     Better essential

Posted 9 September 2010 by in Candidate's Ledger
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