Toronto Public Health Responds to Confirmed Measles Case in Infant


Urgent Measles Vaccination Reminder Issued Amid New Case

Toronto Public Health (TPH) is actively investigating a confirmed measles case, emphasizing the importance of vaccination against this highly infectious disease. The case involves an infant who, after international travel, has been hospitalized.

TPH is urging Toronto residents, especially those planning travel, to verify their vaccination status to ensure protection against measles.

Understanding Measles and Its Prevention

Measles manifests through symptoms such as a distinctive red rash, fever, cough, runny nose, red eyes, and fatigue. The virus is notorious for its ease of spread through the air by respiratory droplets from coughing or sneezing.

Vaccination remains the most effective measure to prevent measles and its spread within communities.

TPH Taking Action to Trace Contacts

Efforts are currently underway by TPH to identify and follow up with individuals who may have been in close contact with the measles virus. The incubation period for measles can range from seven to 21 days post-exposure, with symptoms typically persisting for one to two weeks.

Guidance for Those Experiencing Symptoms

Residents experiencing measles symptoms are advised to reach out to their healthcare provider or, if unavailable, to contact Toronto Public Health directly at 416-338-7600 (TTY at 416-392-0658) for guidance and support.

Addressing Decline in Vaccination Rates

The COVID-19 pandemic led to reduced vaccine coverage among school-aged children, including the measles vaccine. TPH is addressing this shortfall by offering catch-up vaccination clinics for school-aged children. Parents and guardians are encouraged to book appointments through TPH’s community clinic portal at, ensuring their children are up to date with their routine immunizations, including measles.

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