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Best ways to earn money online in 2018

LONDON – The internet has opened all sorts of doors for people all around the world to earn side-income, or even to quit their full-time jobs and work entirely online. Opportunities come and go over the years, so let’s...

Posted 13 March 2018 in Living
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The Renaissance of Casablanca

VICTORIA CITY – Eyes open wide and hearts skip a beat whenever the name Victoria City gets a mention. Why you ask and with good reason. It is the dream child of Masen Al Sawwaf and business associates and is slated to be...

Posted 26 February 2018 in Real Estate
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Keep pests out of your house during summer

LONDON – Pest infestation is a huge problem, regardless of the type of pest. Insects or rodents could infiltrate your house, and while you might think they are simply disgusting, you should remember that they can be very dangerous as...

Posted 20 February 2018 in Living
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