Red Lake #49 – MNRF Implements Implementation Order – Requires Evacuation

Breaking News 800

RED LAKE – Red Lake #49 continues to cause concern.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is advising the public that due to extreme forest fire activity in the Red Lake area from RED049, an Implementation Order is in effect until further notice that requires the evacuation of non-essential personnel in the affected area and restricts access and use of certain roads and Crown lands.

All travel, use and access to the following areas are restricted: all communities within the Municipality of Red Lake, including Starratt-Olsen, Madsen, Red Lake, Balmertown, Cochenour and Mckenzie Island; Highway 105 north of the intersection of Highway 105 and Bug River, including all side roads to residential areas and tourist camps; Highway 618 from the junction of Highway 105 to and including Starrartt-Olsen as well as the Suffel Lake Road to the Flat Lake culvert; and Highway 125 and all municipal roads and access roads off of Highway 125 including the Nungesser Road to the intersection of East Bay Road.

No person shall enter those areas and all non-essential personnel in those identified areas must evacuate immediately, unless authorized by a travel permit issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. For information on how to obtain a travel permit please contact the Red Lake District office 807-727-1349.

A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) is in place for all forest fires and restricts air travel within 5 nautical miles of any forest fire. NOTAM information is available through MNRF-Fire at 807-727-2000.

To view a map of the current restricted area as a result of the RED049 forest fire emergency, visit (