Severe Wildfire Situation in Alberta Prompts Evacuation Orders and Alerts Across the Province

Wildfire Update

Alberta Wildfire Update: Evacuation Orders and Alerts in Effect for Multiple Areas

EDMONTON- Wildfire Update = The wildfire situation in Alberta remains critical, as evacuation orders and alerts have been issued for various regions. Evacuation orders are currently in effect for Yellowhead County, Sweathouse, Fort Chipewyan, and parts of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation. Additionally, evacuation alerts have been activated for Brazeau County, Woodlands County, and Grande Prairie County. Residents who have been affected are strongly urged to register at local reception centers or through the emergency registration website to ensure their safety and facilitate assistance.

Preventive Measures and Current Fire Status

Albertans are advised to take preventive measures to avoid further wildfires. This includes respecting fire bans or restrictions in their respective areas and staying updated on road closures and travel advisories. Notably, human activity is the leading cause of wildfires in the province, surpassing those caused by lightning strikes. To stay informed about the current wildfire situation, residents can refer to the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard. Air quality statements are also in effect in several parts of the province, and individuals can assess the level of health risk associated with their local air quality through the air quality monitoring website.

The Alberta government, alongside partner agencies and the Canadian Armed Forces, has deployed approximately 2,900 personnel to combat the wildfires and protect affected communities. Evacuees in need of financial assistance can apply for one-time emergency funding, with over $21.4 million provided through e-transfers and an additional $9.2 million distributed via debit cards.

Donations from concerned citizens can be made to the Canadian Red Cross or recognized charitable organizations, contributing to the support of affected individuals and communities. The Canadian Red Cross has also introduced the Immediate Support to Not-for-Profit Organizations program, offering eligible community organizations one-time funding of $5,000 to deliver urgent relief assistance. For comprehensive information on the ongoing emergency situation and available support, individuals are encouraged to visit the Alberta government’s dedicated emergency website.

Current situation

  • Those evacuated due to wildfires should register at local reception centres or at
  • An evacuation order is in effect for Yellowhead County. The western boundary of the evacuation zone is Range Road 200 and the northern boundary is Township Road 570 to Range Road 160, then north to Township Road 580, east to Highway 751 and south to Township Road 520. This includes the town of Edson. West of Highway 47 to Medicine Lodge Road (212A) is also under evacuation order. An evacuation alert is in place for the rest of Yellowhead County. A reception centre has been set up at the Edmonton Expo Centre.
  • An evacuation order is in effect as of 8:08 p.m. June 9 for the Sweathouse area of the M.D. of Greenview. A reception centre has been set up at the Horizon Inn in Valleyview.
  • An evacuation order remains in effect for the hamlet of Fort Chipewyan, Mikisew Cree First Nation (Allison Bay, Dog Head and Devils Gate), Fort Chipewyan Metis Nation and Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation. Parts of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation remain under evacuation order.
  • View the full list of evacuation orders.
  • An evacuation alert is in effect for Brazeau County west of Range Road 95 to the entire Brazeau County border from north to south.
  • An evacuation alert is in effect for Woodlands County north of Township Road 561, west of Range Road 120 south of Groat Creek Road, Township Road 584 west of the McLeod River to Range Road 144 east of the McLeod River to Range Road 123 at Whitecourt Mountain.
  • An evacuation alert remains in effect for Grande Prairie County for everyone located north of Township Road 732, west of Range Road 131 and south of Township Road 742.
  • Support continues to be available to Albertans 24-7. Visit or call 310-4455.
  • There are multiple road closures and advisories for north-central Alberta.
  • Visit for up-to-date information on road closures and travel advisories.
  • Current wildfire information is available on the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard.
  • Current year wildfires by suspected cause:
    • Human: 356 (Human-caused wildfires cover several different categories – everything from recreational fires to agricultural incidents to wildfires caused by people on residential land. Human-caused wildfires account for more than half of all wildfires annually.)
    • Lightning: 119
    • Under investigation: 146
  • Albertans are asked to do their part this weekend to prevent new wildfires by respecting fire bans or restrictions in their areas. Visit for details.
  • Special air quality statements remain in effect across for parts of the province. Visit to find out the level of health risk associated with your local air quality.
  • Number of evacuation orders: 6
  • Alberta Emergency Alerts: 5 orders and 5 alerts
  • Number of evacuees: 11,480
  • Alberta currently has approximately 2,900 personnel working on wildfires. This includes support from partner agencies across Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as the Canadian Armed Forces.

Support for evacuees

  • Those evacuated due to wildfires should register at local reception centres or at
  • Since the announcement of one-time emergency financial assistance for evacuees, more than 17,700 applications have been processed.
  • More than $21.4 million in e-transfers has been sent to evacuees.
  • More than $9.2 million in debit cards has been distributed.
  • Evacuees who are unable to receive an e-transfer or who cannot apply online can contact 310-4455 for assistance and to make alternate payment arrangements.
  • The Alberta Supports Centre in Hinton has extended hours to support families and individuals evacuated from the town of Edson and Yellowhead County.
  • Extended hours at the Alberta Supports Centre in Fort McMurray are scheduled to end June 11 at 8 p.m.


  • Albertans who wish to help can make cash donations through the Canadian Red Cross or within their regions to a recognized charitable organization of their choice.
  • The Canadian Red Cross is launching an Immediate Support to Not-for-Profit Organizations program to deliver urgent and ongoing support for people affected by wildfires across Alberta.
  • Eligible community organizations providing immediate relief assistance may apply for $5,000 in one-time funding. View full program eligibility criteria.

For more information on the emergency and supports for evacuees, go to

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