A Woman’s Guide to Hunting


by Annabelle Carter Short

I have read tons of hunting guides and tips for women — and some are really insightful, while others are just okay. Some of those tips and guides were written by men and some by women. My own hunting tips are purely from true experience, having functioned as a pro-staff member of many outdoor companies.

As a result, I’ve met lots of women with great hunting passion and diverse wild experiences. The combination of my own experience and their own experiences is what gave birth to this Woman’s Guide to Hunting that I’m about to share in this post.

Whether you are already spending time in the woods hunting, or interested in hunting this season as a woman, you will find this hunting guide quite helpful. This guide suggests that rifle optics are very important to enhance shooting accuracy. And if you use a crossbow for hunting be sure to find the best bow sight for you.

#1: Don’t Jump into Conclusion about the Experience in the Wild

Many women seem to have some preconceived notion about what hunting is all about – spending hours in the wild, exposed to mosquito bites and just smelling like an animal by the time you’re out. And, some may even be scared that they may end up being hunted down by a fierce animal, instead of being the ones hunting down the animals. Just focus your mind and patiently look forward to the experience that hunting offers.

#2: Just be Patient

Patience is key when venturing into hunting as a woman — and I mean all aspects of hunting. You need to be patient during the waiting periods when learning archery skills or trying to target a game. You really need an overdose of patience to succeed in hunting as a woman.

#3:  Familiarize Yourself with Your Equipment

It’s important you familiarize yourself with your hunting equipment – whether it’s a bow, shotgun or a rifle. You can use the local shooting range to practice so that you can get used to your hunting equipment. It’s important you know how your gun for instance aims, shoots, and kicks. You should also be familiar with loading, unloading, cleaning and caring for your hunting weapon.

#4: You Don’t Need Pricey Hunting Gear

Especially for beginners, you should wipe out that notion that you need expensive hunting gear in order to start hunting. For a seasoned female hunter who may be out in frigid temperatures hunting all season long, the need for stylish hunting gear such as Bass Pro Shop offers could arise.

But, if you are just starting out this journey to the woods with your husband or fiancé for deer hunting, it is needless going for expensive gear such as scent-proof gloves. You should focus on getting the essentials, you can upgrade later.

Just bear in mind that going to hunt in the wild isn’t like taking a trip for beauty contest. No doubts, a woman’s nature is to look attractive, and yes, sometimes I really want to look great when I go hunting, but the truth is that the animal audience don’t understand your fashion and don’t give a damn about your look.

Don’t get carried away by Outdoor Channel, that you’re now obsessed about having a Tiffany appearance as you go for hunting. You need to face the reality — hunting is a sweaty, dirty hobby, so cut out the elaborate look when you go hunting.

#5: Don’t Try to Compete with Your Male Counterpart

There’s no need trying to be macho when you go hunting, admit that you need help and ask for the help. Don’t try doing the man thing — trying to pull back a bow of 70 pound or moving feeders all by yourself. Ask for help from your hunting partner when you need it.

The message is simple — go at your own pace, it’s completely okay. From my experience, I’ve learnt that women can’t hunt alone, we need to leverage the help of a male partner when we are out in the woods.
#6: Don’t be Distracted

If possible, don’t bother bringing your phone to hunting. Try and be present, avoid all manner of distraction when you are out in the woods. You should focus on enjoying every moment of your hunting adventure with your hunting partner. Relax and soak in the beauty of the wild and be inspired by what goes in the woods.

#7: Be a Proud Female Hunter

Don’t be upset or put off by silly remarks of those who think you are doing the man’s thing by hunting. If you have received or you’re yet to receive such comments, you are not alone. I have had those remarks directed to me several times. When you achieve something uncommon as a female hunter, the sneering will turn to admiration. So, go girl!

Finally, one of the great ways to become a successful huntress is to be teachable. Be patient as you learn from your experience and from the lessons of those who are masters in the game. There’s always something new and fun to learn about hunting. Indeed, hunting can become your favorite hobby if you put your mind to it.