Why Americans Are Spending More on Home Grilling

Barbecues steaks on a charcoal grill
Barbecues steaks on a charcoal grill

Over recent decades, grilling has become the quintessential icon of summertime, alongside trips to the beach. It seems almost impossible now to think of a summer without countless advertisements for grills and smokers, meant to entice customers to purchase new models. It may seem like these ads come more frequently than they used to and that’s because they do. To understand why Americans are spending more on home grilling, let’s dive in and look at some of the top reasons.

Grills Have More Features Than Ever

This may be the most obvious reason that Americans are spending more on home grilling nowadays. The cost of the average grill now would shock the grilling enthusiasts of previous generations.

Rather than a simple charcoal grill, new models typically come with three or more burners and a host of other features. Some have warming racks, while other models boast ceramic rods to maintain proper heat distribution.

Many people are drawn to models with all the bells and whistles, meaning they spend more than they may have otherwise. With this in mind, it’s important to buy a model that has fun features, but not so many that you don’t know what to do with them all. This wide range of features also tempts new grillers to jump in and try things out!

Quality Cooks Better

Now is a good time to mention the cliché: you get what you pay for. While not always the case, cheap grills do not usually cook as well as more expensive models. This is because cheap models do not have the heat control features that more expensive models have. These features create a more even distribution of heat on the burners, meaning that whatever is being cooked does so evenly.

These features are especially important as the grill ages and the burners accumulate wear and tear. Heat control features help fight this wear by preventing some areas of the burner from becoming hotter than others.

Cheap grills require the chef to rely fully on their own skills to cook food evenly. Experienced grillers may be able to do so without trouble, but more inexperienced chefs may have an easier time grilling on a model with heat distribution controls.

More Than A Hobby

It can seem a bit cliché to say, but grilling has become more than a hobby to many. What used to be an activity focused primarily on making food at the backyard barbeque party, has now become a way to achieve relaxation and a sense of community.

Television networks dedicated solely to cooking and food give consumers the chance to watch programs strictly about grilling. “Barbeque Pitmaster” and similar programs allow grilling enthusiasts to learn more about their interests, as well as providing a way to incorporate that interest into entertainment. The rise of the internet and social media have made it possible for grillers to meet others who share their passion. There are countless blogs, websites, and forums dedicated to grilling and topics related to it.

This sort of dedication to grilling inspires many enthusiasts to buy models and tools that evolve as their skills do. Many chefs may want to start learning on a simple model, but progress to more intricate models as they hone their craft. More expensive models are also able to cook at a wider variety of temperatures, allowing for different meats to be cooked.

A cheaper model, for example, is not able to cook low and slow, as needed to smoke meats. A more expensive model, however, may be able to do so. This allows the griller to branch out into different cuts of meat if they’re interested.

A Point of Pride

Because grilling is such a social activity, it tends to be the place where people congregate during gatherings. Maybe it’s to ask questions about the cook’s methods, or perhaps it’s just a way to get the best burgers coming off the grill. No matter the reason that people flock to the grill, it is obvious that this happens.

Many grilling enthusiasts see their grill as a point of pride to impress others at the cookout. This can lead grillers to purchase expensive models to show off to their friends and fellow cooks.

With Americans constantly yearning for the newest piece of grilling technology, the market is booming with options. No matter what someone would want in a grill, there’s a good chance that demand has led to a market where that feature is available.

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