July 10 2024 – Kamloops Weather Report: Extreme Heat Warning Continues

Heat Warning

Prolonged Heat Wave for Southern BC Interior

Kamloops is under a heat warning as elevated temperatures pose a moderate risk to public health. Daytime highs are reaching the high 30s and low 40s, with overnight lows remaining in the high teens. These hot conditions are expected to persist toward the weekend, with some moderation starting Thursday.

Current Weather Conditions

Observed at: Kamloops Airport
Date: 3:00 AM PDT Wednesday 10 July 2024
Condition: Clear
Pressure: 100.8 kPa (rising)
Temperature: 20.9°C
Dew point: 8.5°C
Humidity: 45%
Wind: NW at 3 km/h
Humidex: 22
Visibility: 48 km

Currently, Kamloops is experiencing clear skies with a temperature of 21°C. Humidity is at 45%, and there is a light northwest wind blowing at 3 km/h.

Weather Alerts

Heat Warning

Elevated temperatures pose a moderate risk to public health, especially for vulnerable populations such as seniors, people with pre-existing health conditions, those with mental illnesses, substance use disorders, and individuals with limited mobility.

Residents and visitors are advised to take the following precautions:

  • Check on vulnerable individuals: Ensure they have access to cool spaces.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water regularly, even before feeling thirsty.
  • Monitor for signs of heat illness: Look for symptoms such as fatigue, thirst, headache, and dark urine.
  • Seek cool environments: Move to shaded or air-conditioned spaces if feeling unwell.

For more information, visit HealthLinkBC or call 8-1-1.

Today’s Forecast: Sunny and Very Hot

Morning to Afternoon

The day will be sunny with temperatures soaring to a high of 39°C. Winds will pick up from the west, reaching 20 km/h and gusting to 40 km/h near noon. The UV index is very high at 8, so sun protection is essential.


Clear skies will continue into the evening, with winds from the west at 20 km/h gusting to 40 km/h. The temperature will drop to a low of 20°C.

Extended Forecast

Thursday, 11 July

Sunny conditions are expected with a high of 35°C. Clear skies will continue overnight with a low of 18°C.

Friday, 12 July

Sunny weather continues with a high of 36°C. Clear skies will persist into the night with a low of 18°C.

Saturday, 13 July

Sunny conditions with a high of 35°C. Clear skies at night with a low of 16°C.

Sunday, 14 July

Sunny skies with a high of 36°C. Clear conditions overnight with a low of 17°C.

Historical Weather Data

On this date, Kamloops has experienced a record high temperature of 41.1°C and a record low of 7.8°C.

Wardrobe Suggestions

For today, light, breathable clothing and sun protection, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, are essential due to the extreme heat. Stay hydrated and seek cool places when possible. Evening wear should remain light due to the warm overnight temperatures.

Interesting Weather Fact

Did you know that Kamloops, located in the semi-arid region of British Columbia, often experiences some of the highest summer temperatures in Canada? The city’s unique geography and climate contribute to its hot and dry summer weather.

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