No New Wildland Fires in Northwest Region; Fireworks Safety Emphasized

Waterbomber Ontario

Thunder Bay, ON – The Northwest Fire Region reports no new wildland fires as of the early evening on July 5. There is one active fire in the region, SLK006, which is currently being held.

Current Fire Status

The overall fire hazard in the Northwest Region remains low to moderate, with a few pockets of high hazard in the Greenstone sector. Stay informed by checking our Interactive Map for updates on active fires and fire hazards in your area.

Fireworks Safety Reminder

Fireworks are a summer favorite, but it’s crucial to practice fire safety. Hot residue from fireworks can start wildland fires, and you could be held responsible for the costs. Consider attending organized fireworks displays instead of setting off your own.

Waterbomber Safety Tips

When waterbombers approach a body of water, move close to the shore to allow them to scoop safely. They will not scoop if watercraft pose a hazard. Be safe and stay clear.

Report a Wildland Fire

  • North of the French and Mattawa rivers: Dial 310-FIRE
  • South of the French or Mattawa Rivers: Dial 9-1-1
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