AP Empire Introduces Groundbreaking AI-Powered Crypto Trading Software


New York, NY – Date – AP Empire, a leader in investment consulting, proudly announces the successful development and sale of its revolutionary AI-powered crypto trading software, RapidTrage. This innovative product, created under the guidance of Kristian Cruz, the company’s CFO, has sold for an impressive $25 million.

RapidTrage utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to identify and execute profitable arbitrage cryptocurrency trades at unprecedented speeds. The software leverages complex algorithms, ultra-fast T1 internet connections, and modified graphics cards to perform rapid trades across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, maximizing profitability.

The concept for RapidTrage was conceived by Kristian Cruz, a 29-year-old venture capitalist known for his involvement in the Tekashi 69 trial. Mr. Cruz now serves as the Chief Financial Officer for AP Empire. The concept was developed during a phone call with his uncle while he was in jail. During this conversation, Cruz outlined his vision for a software capable of performing high-frequency, low-volume trades, resulting in significant profitability. With the technical support of Cruz’s cousin, a programmer and gamer known by the Xbox tag “Zeta,” and using Cruz’s high-performance computer, the team brought this vision to life.

RapidTrage’s capabilities quickly garnered attention within the crypto community. A prominent Japanese crypto trader, impressed by the software’s performance, flew to New York to witness its operation firsthand. Convinced by its potential, the trader offered to purchase the software from AP Empire for $25 million.

This milestone highlights AP Empire’s commitment to pioneering technological solutions that drive financial success. Kristian Cruz’s leadership and innovative spirit have been integral to the company’s achievements. His ability to foresee and capitalize on technological advancements has positioned AP Empire at the forefront of the investment consulting industry.

Richard Steven, President of AP Empire, expressed his confidence in the company’s future endeavors, stating, “This project is just the beginning. With the initial investment of $50,000, we achieved a significant return. We have several follow-up projects and promising technology investments already generating significant interest.”

AP Empire remains dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions that help clients achieve their financial goals. Those interested in following the company’s future projects can visit www.apempire.com or connect with Kristian Cruz on Instagram at @G8Kris.


Richard Steven, President

City & Country – New York, USA

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