Sunny Skies Ahead for Vancouver

Weather Sunny Delight

Current Conditions in Vancouver

As of 3:00 AM PDT at Vancouver International Airport, the weather is clear with a temperature of 13°C. The barometric pressure is 102.5 kPa and rising, indicating stable weather ahead. The dew point is almost the same as the temperature at 13.1°C, resulting in a humidity level of 99%. Winds are light, coming from the north at 2 km/h, with visibility extending up to 32 km.

Today’s Forecast

Vancouver will enjoy sunny skies today with a high of 22°C, except for inland areas, which can expect temperatures to reach 25°C. The humidex will make it feel like 25°C near the coast and up to 28°C inland. The UV index is very high at 8, so taking protective measures against sun exposure is essential.

Tonight’s Weather

Tonight will be clear with a low of 14°C, providing a cool and pleasant evening.

Upcoming Weather

Friday, 5 July: The sunny weather continues with a high of 24°C near the coast and 28°C inland. The night will remain clear with a low of 16°C.

Saturday, 6 July: Expect more sunshine with temperatures rising to 26°C near the coast and up to 30°C inland. The night will be clear with a low of 16°C.

Sunday, 7 July: Sunny skies will persist, with temperatures reaching 26°C near the coast and a hot 31°C inland. The night will remain clear with a low of 16°C.

Historical Weather Fact

On this date, Vancouver’s highest recorded temperature was 29.4°C in 1961, while the lowest was 9.4°C in 1951. These historical records highlight the variability of summer weather in Vancouver.

Wardrobe Suggestions

With sunny skies and warm temperatures, lightweight and breathable clothing is recommended. Inland areas will be particularly warm, so dressing in cool, comfortable attire is advisable. Don’t forget your sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen due to the very high UV index.

Weather Trivia

Did you know? Vancouver is renowned for its mild climate, thanks to the Pacific Ocean’s moderating influence. The city typically enjoys dry, warm summers and mild, wet winters, making it one of the most temperate climates in Canada.

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