Calgary Weather Outlook: Frost Advisory and Variable Conditions Ahead


Calgary Weather Update

Frost Advisory Details

A Frost Advisory is in effect for Calgary, with frost potentially damaging crops in frost-prone areas. Clearing skies overnight, combined with a cold air mass, will bring temperatures near or below zero, leading to patchy frost. It is advised to take preventative measures to protect frost-sensitive plants and trees.

Current Weather Conditions

At 4:00 AM MDT on Tuesday, 18 June 2024, Calgary International Airport reported mostly cloudy skies with a temperature of 4.7°C. The dew point was 1.2°C, and humidity was at 78%. Winds were blowing from the north-northwest at 15 km/h, and visibility was 24 km. The barometric pressure was 101.6 kPa and rising.

Today’s Weather Forecast

Morning and Afternoon

Calgary will experience a mix of sun and cloud today with a 30 percent chance of showers in the afternoon, accompanied by a risk of thunderstorms. The high temperature will reach 12°C, with a UV index of 6, which is considered high.


Tonight, skies will be partly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers and a risk of thunderstorms. The low temperature will be 3°C, with frost expected in some areas. Winds will be from the north at 20 km/h, becoming light near midnight.

Tomorrow’s Forecast

Wednesday, 19 June

On Wednesday, Calgary will have a mix of sun and cloud with a high temperature of 15°C. The skies will clear in the evening, with a low of 5°C.

Looking Ahead

  • Wednesday Night: Clear skies with a low of 5°C.
  • Thursday, 20 June: Sunny with a high of 20°C and clear skies at night with a low of 8°C.

Historical Weather Data

  • Historic High for 18 June: 29°C
  • Historic Low for 18 June: -1°C

Safety and Preparedness Tips

As temperatures are expected to drop near or below freezing, it is essential to protect frost-sensitive plants and crops. Covering plants with cloth or bringing potted plants indoors can help prevent frost damage. Keep an eye on weather updates and take necessary precautions to minimize potential harm.

Wardrobe Suggestions

  • Today: Wear warm layers to stay comfortable in cooler temperatures. Keep a raincoat and umbrella handy due to the chance of showers.
  • Tonight: A warm jacket will be necessary as temperatures drop and frost develops.
  • Tomorrow: Light, layered clothing for the daytime, with a jacket for cooler morning and evening temperatures.

Intriguing Weather Trivia

Did you know? Calgary has a unique climate influenced by its proximity to the Rocky Mountains. The city experiences frequent Chinooks, warm, dry winds that can dramatically raise temperatures in a short period. This weather phenomenon contributes to Calgary’s reputation for having unpredictable and rapidly changing weather conditions.

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