Dense Fog Blankets Nigigon: Travel Advisory in Effect


Fog Advisory for Nigigon: Zero Visibility Hazard


As of 5:52 AM EDT on Monday, June 17, 2024, a fog advisory has been issued for Nigigon. The area is experiencing dense fog, leading to near zero visibility and potential travel hazards.

Today’s Weather Forecast

This morning, dense fog is covering Nigigon, significantly reducing visibility. The fog is expected to dissipate later this morning, but caution is advised for travelers until then.

Current Conditions (5:00 AM)

  • Temperature: 12.8°C
  • Condition: Not observed
  • Wind: Calm
  • Barometric Pressure: 100.6 kPa (Rising)
  • Humidity: 99%
  • Dew Point: 12.6°C

Forecast for Today

  • Weather: Mainly cloudy with a 30% chance of showers early this morning and late this afternoon. Fog patches dissipating near noon.
  • High Temperature: 20°C
  • UV Index: 7 (High)

Tonight’s Weather

  • Weather: Partly cloudy with a 60% chance of showers. Risk of a thunderstorm overnight. Fog patches developing in the evening.
  • Low Temperature: 10°C

Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast (Tuesday, June 18)

Expect cloudy skies with a high probability of showers and possible thunderstorms. Morning fog patches will dissipate.

  • Weather: Cloudy with a 70% chance of showers, reducing to a 30% chance of showers by morning. Risk of a thunderstorm in the morning and afternoon.
  • Wind: Becoming southeast at 20 km/h in the morning.
  • High Temperature: 21°C
  • Humidex: 26
  • UV Index: 6 (High)
  • Night: Cloudy with a 60% chance of showers.
  • Low Temperature: 13°C

Upcoming Weather (Wednesday, June 19)

  • Weather: Cloudy with a 60% chance of showers.
  • High Temperature: 19°C
  • Night: Cloudy.
  • Low Temperature: 11°C

Historical Weather Data for June 17

  • Record High Temperature: 26°C (1995)
  • Record Low Temperature: 5°C (1977)

Safety and Precautions

Travelers are advised to exercise caution due to the near zero visibility caused by dense fog this morning. Conditions can change rapidly, making travel hazardous. Ensure your vehicle’s lights are on and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

Wardrobe Suggestions

  • Today: Dress in layers, with a light jacket or sweater for the cooler morning temperatures. Be prepared for possible rain showers.
  • Tomorrow: Light clothing is suitable, but keep a raincoat or umbrella handy due to the high chance of showers and potential thunderstorms.

Weather Trivia for Nigigon

Did you know? Fog forms when the temperature and dew point are very close, leading to air saturation. Nigigon’s location near water bodies often results in high humidity, making fog a common occurrence, especially during seasonal transitions.

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