Over $1 Billion in Federal Contracts Linked to ArriveCan App Developers Amid Outsourcing Controversy

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Parliamentary Inquiry Sheds Light on Federal Outsourcing Practices and IT Contracting Concerns

Thunder Bay, Ontario – The developers behind the controversial ArriveCan app, Coradix Technology Consulting, Dalian Enterprises, and GCStrategies, have been revealed to collectively hold federal contracts worth over $1 billion across 13 years, raising questions about federal outsourcing efficiency and transparency.

These figures came to light during a recent public accounts committee meeting and were confirmed by documentation accessed by The Globe and Mail.

Intense Scrutiny Over Outsourcing Surge

The surge from approximately $8 billion in annual federal spending on professional services in 2016 to projections exceeding $21 billion last year has drawn intense scrutiny. This spike has particularly highlighted the role of IT staffing firms like Coradix, Dalian, and GCStrategies, which are now under investigation due to their involvement with the ArriveCan app and alleged contracting misconduct.

Suspensions and Investigations

Amidst ongoing probes, all three companies have been suspended from acquiring further government contracts. Allegations against them include inflated résumés and potential misuse of the federal Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business, especially concerning as Dalian touts its status as an aboriginally owned company.

Political Fires Glowing Strong

The federal Conservatives have made political hay from the scandal. It is easy to understand why, the original contract of $58,000 ballooned to a massive $60 million dollars. This has been used by the Conservatives as a wedge to show the Trudeau Liberals as out of control on spending.

In a media statement issued Monday the Conservatives say, “Cover-up coalition NDP MP Blake Desjarlais is finally making it clear that he is worried about certain examples of government spending. But it isn’t over the $61 billion dollars of new inflationary spending Trudeau introduced in his last budget. It isn’t over Canada’s productivity crisis making Canadians poorer. It isn’t even about a new report from the Globe and Mail this morning, showing three shady consulting firms tied to the $60 million ArriveScam app were able to get contracts worth almost $1 billion.

“Instead, he and the rest of the cover-up coalition are worried about how much time he must spend covering for his boss, Justin Trudeau, during committee investigations into the ArriveScam scandal. Blake Desjarlais, who has voted for every penny of Justin Trudeau’s inflationary spending since he was elected, including funds that went to the companies under investigation, demanded that the Committee “Stop spending on a bunch of meetings” that are trying to get to the bottom of Justin Trudeau’s continuous scandals.

“In accusing Conservative members trying to get to the bottom of the ArriveScam scandal of “spending money and playing games”, Desjarlais shows that his loyalties lie with the cover-up coalition, who do not want fresh allegations like the ones printed in the Globe and Mail today to come out. Committees have a duty to get to the bottom of Justin Trudeau’s waste, corruption, and mismanagement, whether the NDP likes it or not. Conservatives will continue working to get answers from this government as to how a billion dollars was given out to high-priced consultants and insiders”.

Contracting Details Exposed

Detailed contract breakdowns provided to MPs reveal significant amounts awarded to the three firms, with Coradix receiving contracts totaling nearly $600 million, while Dalian and GCStrategies accumulated over $300 million combined. These numbers underscore the vast scale of outsourcing and subcontracting practices prevalent in federal IT procurement.

Local Relevance and Concerns

For residents in Thunder Bay, these revelations are particularly pertinent given the increasing integration of digital tools like ArriveCan in daily cross-border activities. The concerns over federal spending and contracting practices resonate deeply, impacting perceptions of governmental transparency and fiscal responsibility.

Need for Oversight and Reform

The magnitude of these contracts and the associated allegations have prompted calls from MPs for a comprehensive review of federal outsourcing policies. With billions at stake, the potential for systemic changes could influence future government spending and contracting models, aiming to enhance accountability and ensure value for taxpayer money.


The ongoing parliamentary investigations and the spotlight on the ArriveCan app developers might lead to significant reforms in federal contracting practices. For Thunder Bay and the broader Canadian public, these developments are crucial in understanding and shaping the dialogue around government transparency and the efficient use of public funds.

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