IT Firm Clarifies Role and Earnings in Federal ArriveCan App

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OTTAWA – POLITICS – The investigation into the $64 million spent on the ArrivCan app continues.

The co-founder of the small-scale IT staffing firm GCStrategies recently shed light on the company’s financial gains and involvement with the federal government’s ArriveCan app project, amidst scrutiny over a substantial IT services contract.

Contrary to claims of receiving $19.1-million as outlined by Auditor-General Karen Hogan, Kristian Firth asserts that the actual figure was around $11-million, challenging the findings from Hogan’s investigation into the app’s development expenditures.

GCStrategies Speaks on ArriveCan Contributions

Firth and his business partner, steering the helm of GCStrategies, reportedly earned $2.5-million in commissions through their intermittent work on the ArriveCan app—a project spearheaded by the federal government to manage travel and public health information.

Despite their substantial earnings, Firth remained reticent about the specifics of their role in a controversial $25-million IT services contract connected to the same project.

Discrepancy in Reported Earnings from ArriveCan Project

The testimony delivered by Firth at a House of Commons committee session marked his initial public commentary following the release of last month’s report by the Auditor-General.

This report accused GCStrategies of playing a direct part in the drafting process for the IT services contract, a claim that has stirred significant public and political attention.

Company’s First Public Response to Auditor-General’s Report

Firth’s statements aim to correct the public record regarding the financial and operational aspects of GCStrategies’ engagement with the ArriveCan app. His rejection of the $19.1-million figure cited by the Auditor-General in favor of a lower earnings estimate sparks further dialogue on the transparency and accountability of contract allocations in federal projects.

This development continues to unfold as stakeholders and the public seek clarity on the mechanisms behind government procurement and project management practices.

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