Embrace Spring Roads Safely: Motorcycles and Cyclists Rejoin Traffic in Thunder Bay and Region


Spring Thaws and Two-Wheeled Travelers: A Seasonal Shift in Traffic

Thunder Bay – LIVING – As Ontario waves goodbye to the last chills of winter, our roads begin to witness a familiar transformation.

The arrival of spring breathes life into the streets, inviting an increased number of motorcycles and cyclists to share the roads.

This period marks a significant shift in traffic dynamics, one that requires attention and adaptability from all road users.

Street Maintenance Awaited: Safety First as Cyclists and Motorcyclists Emerge

In Thunder Bay, the transition to spring also signals the impending start of street cleaning and bike lane preparation. However, this process is on hold, a prudent decision given the likelihood of more snow.

Until the streets are cleaned and bike lanes are fully ready, it’s crucial for motorists to heighten their awareness of motorcycles and bicycles weaving through the traffic, marking the importance of safety in this season of changing weather.

Tips for Sharing the Road: Ensuring Safety for All

For Motorists:

  • Check Blind Spots Frequently: The compact size of motorcycles and bicycles means they can easily vanish from view. A second glance before lane changes or turns can prevent accidents.
  • Maintain Safe Distances: Allowing extra space when following two-wheeled vehicles gives them more time to react to road conditions and reduces the risk of collisions.
  • Be Mindful at Intersections: Given that a significant number of accidents occur at intersections, it’s vital for drivers to proceed with extra caution, looking out for cyclists and motorcyclists, and of course pedestrians, those infamous Thunder Bay rolling stops are not a safe practice.

For Motorcycle Riders:

  • Wear Appropriate Gear: Helmets and protective clothing are essential for riders. Opting for bright or reflective gear can significantly increase visibility.
  • Ride Defensively: By assuming that you might not always be seen, you can better anticipate the actions of other drivers, maintaining a safer distance and positioning.
  • Signal Intentions Early: Signalling well before turning or changing lanes ensures other road users can adjust their actions accordingly.

For Bicycle Riders:

  • Helmets Are Essential: A helmet is a critical safety tool for cyclists of all ages and skill levels.
  • Stay Visible: Lights, reflectors, and bright clothing are key to being seen, especially during times of low light.
  • Follow Traffic Laws: As part of the traffic ecosystem, cyclists must adhere to the same rules and regulations as motor vehicles, ensuring a safer experience for all.

As we await the arrival of consistent spring weather and the necessary maintenance of our roads and bike lanes, it’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to a safer environment for motorcycles and bicycles on the road.

Spring will also bring back into full operation the Thunder Bay Police Service ebike patrols.

The increased number of cyclists in Thunder Bay including people commuting to and from work or school means taking extra care to ensure safety for all on the roads.

By adopting these safety tips, motorists, motorcycle riders, and cyclists alike can enjoy the season’s beauty while ensuring a harmonious and safe sharing of our roads.

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