Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue Knocks Down East End Garage Blaze, Prevents Spread to Homes

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Pumper

Thunder Bay, ON—A garage fire in Thunder Bay’s East End drew an urgent response from Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue just before 3:00 PM Thursday.

Rapid Response to East End Emergency

Upon arrival, the first responders encountered dense smoke billowing from a garage, with flames aggressively engaging the structure’s front and ravaging its contents. With adept use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), firefighters successfully halted the fire’s progression, safeguarding adjacent residences from damage.

The fire’s impact was successfully limited to the garage itself.

Coordinated Effort Limits Damage

In a display of strategic firefighting, crews deployed multiple 45mm attack hose lines to combat the conflagration. As the firefighters battled the blaze, a significant volume of smoke was noted in the vicinity, signaling the fierce effort to the community.

Community Safety and Support

EMS advanced care paramedics were on site to evaluate residents for potential smoke inhalation effects; fortunately, no injuries were reported. The operation included six Pumper trucks, one Aerial Ladder truck, and one Command Unit, all contributing to the prompt management of the situation.

TBFR has issued a reminder to the public to maintain a safe distance from ongoing emergency operations. Additionally, live wires had fallen in the area, posing a significant hazard, which TBFR promptly addressed. The situation was further stabilized with the assistance of Synergy North.

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