Thunder Bay Launches Annual Spring Street Sweeping to Refresh City Roads

Army of Street Sweepers Invade Waterfront District
Army of Street Sweepers Invade Waterfront District

Thunder Bay, ON—The City of Thunder Bay is set to begin its annual spring street sweeping on Monday, April 15, marking the start of a cleaner and safer season for all road users.

So if the weather shifts to a massive snowstorm, we can all blame City Hall! 🙂

Seasonal Clean-Up Commences

The spring street sweeping program kicks off as temperatures consistently stay above freezing. This initiative is essential for removing accumulated sand, primarily spread during winter for safety, from streets and sidewalks.

Priority is given to high-traffic areas such as the downtown core, bike lanes, and major streets, with residential areas to follow.

Enhancing Safety and Environmental Health

The sweeping efforts are not just about cleanliness. By clearing the roads of winter grit, the program plays a crucial role in enhancing visibility of road markings, reducing vehicle damage, and improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Moreover, it prevents sand from entering and potentially harming our local waterways, preserving the natural beauty and health of our rivers and lakes.

Stay Informed and Safe

Residents can track the progress of street sweeping in their neighborhoods and find updates by visiting the city’s dedicated webpage at As sweeping operations get underway, drivers and pedestrians are reminded to exercise caution and give way to the cleaning crews to ensure safety for everyone involved.

For any inquiries regarding the street sweeping schedule in your area, please contact the City Dispatch at 807-625-2195.

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