Winnipeg Weather Forecast for March 28, 2024: A Bright Start Heading to the Easter Weekend

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WINNIPEG – WEATHER – As the city of Winnipeg wakes to a mainly clear sky and a brisk -11.6°C, the weather forecast sourced from Winnipeg Richardson International Airport hints at a chilly yet sunny start toward the Easter weekend.

With the pressure on the rise and a moderate wind chill making it feel closer to -19°C, residents are preparing for a mix of sunny days and snowy evenings.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions:

The early morning in Winnipeg offers mainly clear conditions with a visibility of 24 km, ideal for those early risers or commuters. The wind, coming from the west-northwest at 18 km/h, adds an extra bite to the already cold temperatures, emphasizing the need for warm winter attire.

Forecast Conditions

Expected Conditions: The extended Easter weekend weather outlook for Winnipeg paints a picture of gradual weather changes, from sun to snow, as the weekend progresses.

Today, Winnipeg is set to enjoy sunny skies with a gentle wind up to 15 km/h, reaching a high of +1°C. Despite the sunshine, the wind chill in the morning will feel like -19°C, warming slightly as the day proceeds under a moderate UV index of 3.

Tonight remains clear with the wind continuing at a similar pace. The temperature will drop to a low of -11°C, with an overnight wind chill making it feel like -16°C.

Friday, March 29: The day starts with increasing cloudiness, with snow expected to start in the afternoon. The wind shifts to the southeast, increasing to 20 km/h and gusting up to 40 km/h around noon, which will likely affect the snow’s impact. The high remains at a steady +1°C, with a morning wind chill of -16°C under a moderate UV index of 3. Snow continues into the night, with temperatures dropping to a low of -3°C.

Saturday, March 30: The city will see cloudy skies throughout the day, maintaining a high of +1°C, and a night that follows suit with cloudy conditions and a low of -6°C.

Sunday, March 31: A mix of sun and cloud marks the day, with temperatures again reaching a high of +1°C, clearing up by nightfall to a low of -12°C.

Monday, April 1: The week starts on a bright note with sunny skies and a slightly warmer high of +3°C. The evening introduces cloudy periods, with temperatures dipping to a low of -5°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations:

Given the fluctuating conditions, layering remains key. Opt for a warm base layer, a fleece or sweater, and a wind-resistant outer layer. Don’t forget your sunglasses for the sunny days, and consider a hat and gloves for the chillier mornings and evenings.

Weather Trivia:

Winnipeg, known as the “Gateway to the West,” often experiences diverse weather patterns in spring, making it a city where residents are well-versed in preparing for all types of weather, from sunny skies to sudden snowfalls.

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