Conservatives Demanding a Free Vote on Carbon Tax Motion


Ottawa, ON – Pierre Poilievre, Leader of Canada’s Common Sense Conservatives released the following statement demanding Justin Trudeau give his MPs a free vote on tomorrow’s Conservative motion to spike the April 1st carbon tax hike:

“Despite the unprecedented misery that Justin Trudeau has inflicted upon Canadians, he is still choosing to move ahead with his 23% AprilFools’ carbon tax hike. Trudeau wants to raise the taxes of Canadians at a time when a third of charities are turning people away because they no longer have the resources to feed them.

“And while Trudeau and his radical Environment Minister lie toCanadians about their carbon tax rebates, the Parliamentary BudgetOfficer has been clear that most Canadian families will pay more in the tax than they receive in the rebate. This year, Trudeau’s carbon tax will cost families in Alberta $911, Saskatchewan $525, Manitoba $502, Ontario $627, Nova Scotia $537, Prince Edward Island $550 andNewfoundland and Labrador $377.

“70% of Canadians and 70% of provincial Premiers oppose this tax hike. Liberals across the country have joined Common Sense Conservatives in calling for Trudeau to spike the hike, including the Liberal Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador and provincial Liberal Parties in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario. But the Prime Minister refuses to listen.

“Tomorrow, MPs will have an opportunity to vote for a Common SenseConservative motion to spike the hike. Justin Trudeau must allowLiberal MPs a free vote on our motion to bring Canadians the relief they desperately need. And Liberal MPs must listen to their constituents and vote with Conservatives to spike the hike, until we can have a carbon tax election and axe the tax entirely.”

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