Reese Witherspoon’s Snowy Concoction Stirs Up a Winter Storm of Debate

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THUNDER BAY – LIVING – Over the weekend, Reese Witherspoon, the acclaimed actress from Apple TV’s “The Daily Show” shared a recipe on her TikTok that quickly turned heads and started conversations.

Dubbing a concoction the “snow salt chococinno,” her impromptu creation involved scooping snow from her deck in Nashville, fresh from a rare winter storm, and blending it with salted-caramel, chocolate syrups, and cold brew coffee.


Snow days were made for Chococinnos ❄️☕️

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The video, viewed over 4.9 million times, delighted many but also raised eyebrows and health concerns with many readers.

Some TikTok users expressed worries about the safety of consuming snow, cautioning that it could lead to illness. Responding to these concerns, Witherspoon posted a series of follow-up videos. In one, she demonstrated melting snow to show its apparent purity, questioning the harm in eating it.

She also shared a playful defense, referencing her childhood experiences of drinking directly from taps and hoses, highlighting generational differences in attitudes towards health and safety.

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Making Maple Syrup at Marina Park[/caption]

Witherspoon's snow-based concoction is part of a broader tradition of winter treats. In Vermont, for example, it's common to pour maple syrup on fresh snow to create a taffy-like candy. Other popular snow recipes online include ingredients like sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder, and various sprinkles for added flavour and colour.

This chilly controversy stirred by Witherspoon's "snow salt chococinno" not only highlights diverse perspectives on health and safety but also brings a touch of winter whimsy and nostalgia to our modern lives.

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