Maria-Katharina Richters Helps Turn Artists Into Full-Time Artists With New App “Unleashed”


Do you draw, paint, sew, design, or create art somehow? Many artists report art as being soothing, healing, and freeing from worldly constraints. Most would switch their career to full-time art in a heartbeat. Many begin their artistic journey for healing. Whether it be to control anxiety or to express sadness, anger, or happiness, it’s a vessel to create the feeling you desire or to escape the one you currently hold.

Maria-Katharina Richters, having experienced this, her story has been spoken in depth across several media outlets – launched Art of You in 2017. Their mission: Combine the power of art therapy, art alchemy, and energetic blockage removal to empower artists and creative entrepreneurs to transmute their pain into purpose, forge successful businesses (go full-time), and unlock the flow of abundance. It’s as much about awakening as healing and creating your life, Maria says.

The visionary company intended to guide artists toward their masterpiece versions of themselves, hence the name “Art of You.” Their transformative company offers a broad spectrum of programs, including low-cost coaching groups through the Awakened Artist Academy and high-end quality programs like Metamorphosis, emphasizing shifting unseen energetic blockages to unleash the flow of abundance.

Art of You distinguishes itself with a gentle, intuitive approach and no-nonsense attitude. Maria says we guide clients gently yet firmly to discover their truth, leveraging the powers and principles of the universe’s laws. What sets us apart from other companies tailored to artists is the fusion of art therapy’s depth with a coaching setting, a method unseen in the coaching landscape. Addressing energetic blockages is our speciality, ensuring clients shift unseen energetic blockages to uplevel in their art and business or to start their business.

While many may still need to fully recognize the profound healing potential of art, both personally and professionally, Art of You’s offers are uniquely positioned to unlock this power. To help you unlock this power, Maria says they’ve invested in launching a new interactive app that will make art and art alchemy readily accessible, providing instant pain relief and life advancement in the palm of your hand. The app will be called Unleashed! (On all prominent app stores).

Maria tackles the industry misconception that art is solely self-expression, not a viable career. She is constantly sharing stories of thriving artists who have benefited from her approach and strategies to prosper.

In 2-5 years, Art of You envisions expanding its reach and impact by helping more artists worldwide discover their true potential, heal, and prosper through the Metamorphosis program. The brand strives to build a thriving community of awakened artists, contributing their unique creative gifts to the world. Low-cost coaching groups and high-end quality programs to reach and serve artists globally will continue to be integral, helping artists shift unseen energetic blockages and unlock their full creative potential. The imminent app launch will further democratize art and art alchemy, making these tools accessible for healing and personal and business growth.

For download details of Unleashed, you can find Maria and all of her offerings, from podcast interviews with various artists to blogs and Instagram posts, at the links below.

App: Unleashed!




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