Winnipeg Weather: Snow, Blowing Snow and Warming Up

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Winnipeg Weather Update: Gentle Snowfall and a Gradual Warmth

Winnipeg, January 24, 2024 – The city of Winnipeg is under a blanket of clouds to start the day, with the mercury set to reach a high of just -2°C. Skies will stay predominantly cloudy throughout the day, with a 30 percent chance of light snow as the afternoon unfolds.

The morning there is a risk of freezing drizzle and fog patches, which are expected to clear as the day progresses. Winds from the south, initially blowing at 20 km/h, will ease into a gentle breeze by the morning, while the wind chill hovers near -9.

As night falls, the temperature is set to drop to a low of -7°C. The cloudy skies persist, accompanied by a 30 percent chance of light snow overnight. The evening also poses a risk of freezing drizzle, and fog patches may develop. Southeast winds blowing at 20 km/h, are expected to become lighter in the evening, with the wind chill approaching -12.

Looking ahead to Thursday, January 25, Winnipeggers will continue to see cloudy skies, with a daytime high of -1°C. The night promises cloudy periods and a slightly warmer low of -3°C.

Wardrobe Suggestions

For such weather, it’s advisable to dress in warm layers, including a cozy hat and gloves. Waterproof footwear is essential to comfortably navigate any potential freezing drizzle or snow.

Winnipeg’s Weather Trivia

A fascinating fact about Winnipeg’s weather: It is known as one of the coldest cities globally, experiencing an extreme range of temperatures. The record low is a freezing -47.8°C, and the high has soared to 40.6°C, making Winnipeg’s climate one of the most varied in Canada.

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