Thunder Bay Winter Weather Update: January 16-17, 2024

Thunder Bay Weather

Light Snow and Biting Cold in Thunder Bay

Mid-January Forecast: Bracing for a Chilly Spell with Snow Flurries

Today’s Weather in Thunder Bay: A Frosty Day with Light Snow

Thunder Bay, Ontario – Residents of Thunder Bay are facing a cold day on January 16, 2024, characterized by periods of light snow. The wind, shifting to west at 20 km/h early in the morning, will contribute to the day’s chilly feel. The high is expected to be -18°C, but the wind chill will make it feel much colder, at -34°C in the morning and improving slightly to -27°C in the afternoon. The risk of frostbite is significant under these conditions, and locals are advised to dress warmly and take precautions against the cold.

The humidity is a 64% this morning. The cold is somehow especially biting. Ensure your pets are safe and warm.

Tonight’s Weather: Continued Cold with Light Snow

The cold conditions will continue into the night with periods of light snow. The wind will be lighter, up to 15 km/h, but the temperature will drop to a low of -22°C. The wind chill will be around -29°C, continuing the risk of frostbite.

Forecast for Wednesday, January 17

On January 17, Thunder Bay will see periods of light snow ending in the afternoon, transitioning to mainly cloudy skies with a 40 percent chance of flurries. The wind will shift to northwest at 20 km/h early in the afternoon. The high for the day will be -17°C, with the wind chill feeling like -32°C in the morning and -27°C in the afternoon. Residents should remain cautious of the risk of frostbite.

Wednesday Night: Clear Skies

The night will bring clear skies to Thunder Bay, with a low temperature dropping to -24°C. Despite the absence of snow, the cold temperatures call for continued precautions against frostbite.

Wardrobe Suggestions: Dressing for the Cold

In these frosty conditions, layered clothing is essential. Start with a thermal base layer, add a fleece or wool sweater, and a wind-resistant, insulated outer layer. Don’t forget insulated gloves, a warm hat, and a scarf to protect against the cold and wind. Insulated, waterproof boots are also recommended for navigating snowy conditions.

Weather Trivia

Thunder Bay, with its location on the northwestern shore of Lake Superior, experiences diverse winter weather, often including periods of lake-effect snow and bitter cold snaps.

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