Express Guide on Using Meest Parcel Pickup Service

Express Guide on Using Meest Parcel Pickup Service

The Meest Portal provides several perks for anyone sending items from Canada to other countries. It’s a great chance to pick a delivery method that suits your schedule and save time by sending packages right from your doorstep. You can learn about contacting the courier and how the parcel pickup service operates by visiting Let’s discuss the key points here.

What Options You Have to Choose from

Meest Canada offers registered users several ways to deliver parcels to the company’s office:

  • Bring the package to the company’s branch on your own.
  • Wait for a Canpar courier at home.
  • Leave the parcel at the Canada Post drop-off point.

How to Order Parcel Pickup Service

Many prefer parcel collection from home to all other methods to quickly and safely send a parcel to the Meest office. The advantages of courier pickup are undeniable, and the simplicity of the entire process is the greatest one:

  1. Go through a simple registration procedure on the Meest Portal if you haven’t done this yet.
  2. Submit your parcel and carefully fill in your shipment details.
  3. Select Canpar home pick-up as the delivery option and specify your home address and the day you’ll wait for the pick-up.
  4. Make payment.
  5. Print out the barcode and stick it to the box.
  6. Expect the courier on the working day you specified. Indicate the buzz code or other data to get to your apartment if you live in an apartment building.

Canpar or Meest, Who Do I Trust My Parcel to?

Canpar and Meest are partner companies. Canpar helps Meest clients deliver packages to the branch if they do not have such an opportunity. A Canpar courier will visit you at home and pick up the package to give it to the Meest branch.

Can I Track My Parcel?

You can track your parcel using its number in your email. When the package is handed over to the Canpar courier, you can follow it on the Canpar website. When the parcel is transferred to the Meest company, you can track it using the Meest tracking number in your account.

Parcel collection service is a comfortable and welcoming option that allows you to deliver packages from Canada quickly, reliably, and at an affordable price. Together with partners, Meest allows everyone to send parcels without being distracted by household chores or any other circumstances that prevent you from looking for the nearest Meest branch.

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