Toronto Looking at a Winter Mix of Weather for January 6, 2024

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Bracing for Flurries and Snow in Toronto

TORONTO – WEATHER – Toronto is waking up to a chilly -1°C with a wintry mix in the forecast, including snow and flurries, that will require residents to bundle up and stay prepared.

Today’s Weather Outlook

  • The city starts with mainly cloudy skies.
  • A 30% chance of flurries is expected later in the morning and into the afternoon.
  • The wind is picking up, coming from the east at 30 km/h and gusting up to 50 km/h.
  • High temperatures will hover around a modest +2°C, but the wind chill will make it feel as cold as -9°C.
  • The UV index remains low at 1.

Tonight’s Forecast

  • Snowfall is on the cards for the evening, with local accumulations around 5 cm.
  • The easterly wind will continue at 20 km/h, gusting up to 40 km/h, but will ease after midnight.
  • Temperatures will dip to -2°C, and the wind chill will drop to -7°C.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow and Beyond

  • Sunday will see periods of light snow ending in the morning, followed by cloudy skies.
  • Temperatures will peak at +2°C, but the morning wind chill will feel like -7°C.
  • Cloudy periods and a 30% chance of flurries are expected Sunday night, with a low of -3°C.
  • Monday promises a mix of sun and cloud with a high of +1°C, while the night will be cloudy with a low of -2°C.

Wardrobe Tips for Torontonians:

  • Dressing in layers will be key to staying warm, especially in the windy conditions.
  • A wind-resistant outer layer is advisable to fend off the chilly gusts.
  • Hats, gloves, and scarves should be a part of your outdoor attire to protect against the cold.

Weather Trivia: Did you know that Toronto’s record high for this day was 13.9°C set in 1950, while the record low was a bone-chilling -26°C set in 1981?

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