Heavy Snow Continues to Blanket Thunder Bay: Up to 20 cm Expected Overnight

Weather Update - snow plow

THUNDER BAY – WEATHER – The City of Thunder Bay remains under a heavy snowfall warning, residents should brace for continued snow through the night, with total snow accumulations reaching up to 20 cm. The snowfall, which is expected to lessen by early Sunday morning, poses hazards such as reduced visibility and treacherous road conditions.

Weather Overview:

  • Location: City of Thunder Bay
  • Forecast: Ongoing heavy snowfall, easing by early Sunday morning
  • Hazards: Up to 20 cm of snow accumulation, reduced visibility during heavy snowfall

Travel and Safety Advisory: Residents are advised to exercise caution while traveling. The heavy snowfall is likely to reduce visibility, making driving conditions hazardous. Surfaces including highways, roads, walkways, and parking lots will be challenging to navigate. Motorists should adjust their driving according to the changing road conditions, reduce speed, and be prepared to stop if visibility drops suddenly.

Wardrobe Suggestions: Given the heavy snow and cold conditions, it is advisable to wear warm, insulated clothing. Opt for a waterproof winter jacket, thermal layers, insulated gloves, a hat, and snow boots to stay comfortable and safe.

Interesting Weather Trivia: Did you know that Thunder Bay holds the record for the most snow in one season? During the winter of 1995-96, the city experienced a whopping 270.9 cm of snow, showcasing its reputation for heavy snowfall during the Canadian winter months.

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