Merry Christmas Toronto: Fog Advisory in Effect: Caution Advised Due to Reduced Visibility

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Navigating Foggy Conditions in Toronto: Safety Tips for Travellers

TORONTO – WEATHER – A fog advisory is currently in effect for Toronto, with near-zero visibility expected in some areas. The fog is anticipated to improve by Monday morning, but travel could be hazardous due to reduced visibility.

Travel Safety Tips:

  • If driving in foggy conditions, turn on your lights for better visibility.
  • Maintain a safe following distance to account for reduced visibility.
  • Stay alert and be prepared for sudden changes in road conditions.

Warm and Cloudy Christmas Day Forecast in Toronto

  • Early Christmas morning temperature at +4°C at 2:00am EST.
  • Cloudy skies throughout the day, with a 30 percent chance of drizzle in the early morning.
  • Fog patches expected to dissipate as the day progresses.
  • A mild high of 7°C with a low UV index of 1.


  • Mainly cloudy conditions will continue, with temperatures holding steady around 6°C.

Tuesday, December 26

  • Periods of rain are forecasted, with a high of 8°C.
  • Rain will continue into the night, with a low of 6°C.

Wednesday, December 27

  • Cloudy skies with a 40 percent chance of showers.
  • Daytime high will be around 8°C.
  • Nighttime conditions remain cloudy with chances of showers and a low of +5°C.

Weather Trivia: Fog in Toronto

Did you know that Toronto’s fog events are often caused by warm, moist air moving over the colder waters of Lake Ontario? This temperature difference leads to the condensation of water vapour in the air, forming fog, especially in transitional seasons.

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