Weather Alert: Freezing Rain to Impact Northwestern Ontario, Including Thunder Bay and Fort Frances

Weather Alert
Weather Alert

Impending Freezing Rain Event in Northwestern Ontario

THUNDER BAY – WEATHER – A Special Weather Advisory is currently in effect for several regions in Northern Ontario, including Thunder Bay, Fort Frances, Mine Centre, Kakabeka Falls, and Atikokan. Residents are cautioned as a significant freezing rain event is expected, brought on by a Colorado Low.


  • Anticipated ice accumulation could reach up to 15 mm due to freezing rain.
  • Icy, slippery conditions on surfaces that have not been treated, creating potential hazards for pedestrians and vehicles.


  • The onset of this weather event is projected for Monday evening, with the possibility of extending through Tuesday and into early Wednesday in some regions.

Travel Advisory: Navigating Through Ice and Sleet

  • Reduce travel: Limit your movements and avoid non-essential trips during the peak periods of the freezing rain.
  • Drive cautiously: If travel is necessary, proceed with extreme caution. Reduced speed, increased following distance, and using winter tires can help navigate icy roads safely.
  • Public transit: Consider using public transportation where available, as these vehicles are often better equipped for icy conditions.

Decoding the Colorado Low: A Potent Weather System A Colorado Low is a low-pressure system that originates in the Colorado region and moves northeastward. Known for bringing a wide array of severe weather conditions, including heavy snowfall, thunderstorms, and freezing rain, these systems can significantly impact large areas. In this instance, the Colorado Low is expected to bring prolonged periods of freezing rain to Northern Ontario, leading to challenging and potentially hazardous conditions.

Safety Measures and Preparedness for Residents

  • Stay informed: Keep updated with the latest weather forecasts and warnings.
  • Prepare your home: Ensure that your home is ready to withstand a potential power outage. Stock up on essentials, such as non-perishable food, water, flashlights, and batteries.
  • Check on neighbours: Particularly the elderly or those who may not be fully able to prepare for such weather conditions.
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