Cloudy Skies and Flurry Chances: Kenora’s Weather Update

Light snow on Jeeps at Lakehead Motors on Memorial Avenue in Thunder Bay

Kenora’s Winter Mix: From Frosty Mornings to Potential Rain Showers

Kenora Weather Report – Wednesday, December 20

KENORA – WEATHER – Good morning, Kenora! With a chilly start of -11°C, it’s another winter day in our cozy town.

Today: Mainly cloudy skies with the wind picking up from the southeast at 20 km/h. We’re heading towards a high of -8°C. But don’t be fooled by the thermometer; the wind chill is making it feel like -20°C this morning and -15°C in the afternoon.

Tonight: Clouds are gathering more densely in the evening with a 30% chance of flurries late tonight. The southeast wind continues at 20 km/h, with temperatures rising to -5°C by morning. The wind chill will hover near -15°C, so keep those layers on!

Wardrobe Suggestion: A sturdy jacket and a warm hat are essential for today’s weather!

Thursday, December 21

A mainly cloudy day with a risk of freezing drizzle.

Daytime: The south wind continues at 20 km/h, bringing us up to a high of zero degrees. The morning wind chill will still bite at -11°C, so don’t ditch the gloves just yet!

Evening: Clear skies with a low of -3°C. A crisp but beautiful night ahead.

Looking Ahead to Christmas Day

A festive forecast! A mix of sun and cloud with a 30% chance of rain showers or flurries and a high of zero degrees. It seems we’re in for a varied Christmas weather palette.

Wardrobe Suggestion: Be prepared for anything – waterproof boots and a versatile jacket might be your best choices!

Weather Trivia: Did you know that rain showers in near-freezing temperatures can create a rare phenomenon known as ‘ice rain’? It’s a beautiful but slippery affair!

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