Frosty Flurries and Brisk Winds: Wasaho Cree Nation’s Weather Outlook

White Bear Paw Print in snow - Image Lydia Matthews
White Bear Paw Print in snow - Image Lydia Matthews

Facing the Freeze: Wasaho Cree Nation Prepares for Frostbite Risks and Snowy Spells

Wasaho Cree Nation Weather Report – Wednesday, December 20

WASAHO CREE NATION – Greetings, Wasaho Cree Nation! It’s -14°C early this morning, with a winter’s chill in the air.

Today: A day of contrasts with sun and cloud and a 40% chance of early morning flurries. The wind is roaring from the northwest at 30 km/h, gusting up to 60 km/h, but it’s expected to calm down by noon. The high is set at a chilly -16°C. With a wind chill of -29°C this morning and -22°C in the afternoon, frostbite is a real risk. Stay covered!

Tonight: Clouds are on the increase this evening. The wind shifts to the south, blowing at 30 km/h and gusting to 50 km/h. The temperature drops to -25°C but will rise to -17°C by morning. The wind chill plummets to near -36°C, so frostbite remains a concern.

Wardrobe Suggestion: Heavy-duty winter wear is essential – think thermal layers, windproof outerwear, and protective accessories.

Thursday, December 21

A cloudy day with snow starting in the morning and ending later in the afternoon. Expect 2 to 4 cm of snowfall.

Daytime: The south wind continues, gusting from 40 km/h to 60 km/h. The high reaches -6°C, but the wind chill will be around -32°C in the morning and -15°C in the afternoon. The risk of frostbite continues, so keep those extremities protected.

Evening: Cloudy with a 40% chance of flurries and a low of -8°C. A wintry evening indeed.

Looking Ahead to Christmas Day

Clear skies are expected for Christmas Day, with a high of -13°C. It seems like a bright but chilly holiday is in store.

Wardrobe Suggestion: Dress warmly for the festive day. Remember, layers are key to keeping warm!

Weather Trivia: Did you know that wind chill is a crucial factor in frostbite risk? It measures how the wind and cold feel on exposed skin, and in conditions like these, it’s important to stay well-covered.

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