A Chilly Day with Overcast Conditions in Thunder Bay

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Thunder Bay: Residents of Thunder Bay can expect overcast skies and chilly temperatures today. Here’s the detailed forecast:

Current Conditions:

  • Overcast Skies: The skies are blanketed with a thick layer of clouds, creating an overcast atmosphere.
  • Light Snow Flurries: Very light snow flurries are drifting in the air, but no significant accumulation is expected.
  • Cold Temperatures: The current temperature is minus 4°C, with a noticeable chill in the air.

Sunday, December 10:

  • High Temperature: The day will remain overcast with a daytime high of minus 3°C. However, it will feel much colder with a morning wind chill of minus 15°C, improving to minus 7°C in the afternoon.
  • Wind Gusts: Winds are blowing from the northwest at 20 km/h, gusting to 40. Later in the afternoon, the winds will become light.


  • Overcast conditions will persist through the night.
  • Winds will remain relatively light, with speeds up to 15 km/h.
  • Overnight temperatures are set to drop to minus 11°C, with a wind chill of minus 7°C in the evening and a colder minus 14°C overnight.

Monday, December 11:

  • Expect increasing cloudiness as Monday approaches, with a high temperature of minus 2°C.

Weather Trivia: Did you know that overcast skies can have a significant impact on temperature fluctuations? Cloud cover can act as a thermal blanket, preventing heat from escaping into the atmosphere and keeping the surface temperatures relatively stable. As a result, overcast conditions often lead to milder nighttime temperatures.

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