Dryden and Vermilion Bay Weather Update: Cloudy Day, Cold Night, Sunny Sunday

Winter Weather Update

In Dryden and Vermilion Bay, the weather is expected to be cloudy today, followed by a cold night, and then a sunny Sunday.

Today: Cloudy with a Slight Chill

The temperature is currently at -1°C. The forecast indicates a cloudy day ahead, with winds becoming northwest at 20 km/h in the morning. The high for today is expected to be +2°C, but it will feel colder in the morning with a wind chill of -9°C.

Wardrobe Suggestion: Dress warmly, especially in the morning when the wind chill is significant.

Tonight: Partly Cloudy and Colder

Tonight, the skies will be partly cloudy. Temperatures are expected to drop to a low of -11°C, and the wind chill will make it feel colder, down to -16°C overnight.

Wardrobe Suggestion: Prepare for a very cold night; ensure you are well-covered if you need to be outdoors.

Sunday’s Forecast: Sunny and Mild

Sunday promises clear skies with sunshine and a high of +2°C, which is similar to today’s high but likely to feel warmer due to the sun.

Wardrobe Suggestion: While the day will be sunny, the temperature remains cool, so dressing in warm layers is still advisable.

Overall Advice: Expect a cloudy day in Dryden and Vermilion Bay today with a bit of a chill, leading to a very cold night. However, look forward to a sunny and mildly warm Sunday. Layering appropriately is key to comfort in these fluctuating conditions.

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