Revamping Outdoor Spaces: Key Elements for a Stylish Garden Makeover

Revamping Outdoor Spaces: Key Elements for a Stylish Garden Makeover

Getting the most from your outdoor space can require a little bit of planning and forethought. But the results, in most cases, justify the effort. You’ll have an extra living space that will provide you with inspiration and relaxation throughout the year.

Planning the Garden Layout and Design

Before getting started, you’ll want to come up with a plan for how your garden will look. This doesn’t have to involve a meticulous design document, but you will need to consider the available space. Make sure that you’ll have adequate space to move around, and that paths are kept clear.

In your garden, you’ll also need to think about the direction of your sunlight, and the quality of your soil. Make that the primary concern, and then arrange your furniture and flowerbeds to fit. Hardier plants can go in the shade; fussier ones can be promoted to a sunny spot.

Landscaping and Plant Selections

Your choice of plant will matter enormously. Think about how much effort you’ll want to put into your garden as the months go by. If you’re willing to plan ahead (and ideally stick to a rigorous planting schedule), then you’ll achieve good results.

The actual shape of the garden will matter, too. If you’re willing to get busy with a spade, or hire a digger, then there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Raised planters might achieve a similar sense of verticality with minimal effort – and they’ll save your knees if you’re regularly tending to the flowerbeds, too.

Hardscaping Elements and Outdoor Furniture

‘Hardscaping’ is a term used to describe the artificial parts of your garden. Timber elements like decking, fencing and outdoor furniture will all qualify. If you know what you’re doing with a saw, then you can come up with a bespoke solution that fits the bill nicely.

Your hardscaping elements should contribute both to the way that your garden functions, and the way that it looks. It should be hard-wearing, and selected with the overall design of the space in mind. Timber elements will need to be sanded and re-finished periodically, especially if they’re being trodden on. Shop accordingly!

Fencing Panels

We should make separate mention of your fencing panels. These are large and upright structures that will take up a lot of visual space. If you’re looking at your garden, in other words, the chances are good that there will be a fencing panel in view. Fencing also bolsters privacy and security, and so it’s worth special consideration. If you’re living in an area that’s vulnerable to high wind, then you might also install your panels using concrete posts, which are secured to the ground using long spikes.

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