5 Best CNC Machining Companies in the USA

5 Best CNC Machining Companies in the USA

Having industrial parts produced with ideal technology and definitions is essential for production to function and for adequate, quality products to be produced. Therefore, opting for CNC machining is always the ideal way to guarantee long-lasting tools, both in iron and plastic, that meet all the needs presented by a production line. CNC machining is significantly used in various sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace.

In the USA, the CNC machining service allows for fewer human errors, which guarantees product quality and reduces waste. Therefore, when choosing companies that perform CNC machining, it is essential to hire a company that offers intelligent solutions in the area.

This article will help you to choose the best company for CNC machining. 

1. Alco Manufacturing Corporation

   – Location: Ohio, USA

   – Contact: (440) 458-5165

   – Founded in: 1971

   – Company Strengths: Alco Manufacturing Corporation is serving various industries such as steel, automotive, tooling, electric, air, and gas industries for more than 50 years now. The company specializes in providing machined components and fittings with precision in materials like steel, brass, and aluminum. 

Alco Manufacturing Corporation provides services throughout the USA, always with intelligent solutions for the most varied types of demands from each client.

Choosing CNC machining from Alco Manufacturing Corporation is a guarantee of purchasing quality products, which are completely durable and do not require constant maintenance. The company works with the best machines available on the market and, in addition, has a team of professionals fully prepared to always produce efficiently.

2. TDL Moulding Company

   – Location:Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

   – Contact:+86-0769-8228 8296

   – Founded in: 1995

   – Company Strengths: TDL Molding company is a Chinese based company that serves many industries globally such as medical, automotive, aerospace, consumer products, electric, electronics, energy, robotics, home products, etc. 

TDL Moulding company has different machining equipment capable of CNC production. Other than this company provides many other services which include product design, mold design, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and plastic injection molding.

To deliver great CNC machining value, the is committed to quality. Therefore, it is certified by ISO 9001, which consolidates the company’s production processes as suitable for the production of technical parts, made with the most advanced CNC machining methods. quality management is called ISO9001. The best thing is that the company also has a number of factory certifications such as  IATF16949:2016 and ISO 13485:2016.

It is safe to say that TDL is one of the most qualified companies internationally to produce serial parts from the most diverse materials, through the best CNC machining processes.


   – Location: California, USA

   – Contact: 530-746-7400

   – Founded in: Not Provided

   – Company Strengths: In the USA, one of the best CNC lathe machining companies is DMG MORI USA. The company is present globally and has offices in more than 88 countries.

 The company is a renowned provider of machining services, with more than 2 decades of experience in the area, able to offer complete technology solutions, provides innovative machines and automation solutions for the development and manufacture of parts with complex geometries, tighter dimensional tolerances, and impeccable surface finishes.

Among CNC machining companies, stands out for its infrastructure, which has equipment having sustainable technologies and the latest machining centers and other machines.

Major industries that the company serves are Automotive, Aerospace, Die & Mold, and Medical.

DMG MORI USA  is one of the CNC lathe machining companies that is certified by many numbers of certifications according to various countries’ policies. This consolidates the company’s commitment to the entire production process of high-quality machined metal parts.

4. ER Machining

   – Location: Houston, Texas, USA

   – Contact: 346-333-8714

   – Founded in: 2009

   – Company Strengths:  ER Machinig is an industrial machining, CNC, and mold machining company that began its history in 2009, always keeping the quality of its services as the main focus. They serve our customers from the most varied sectors with their  CNC machining services. 

They have a modern infrastructure with machines and equipment suited to the highest standards which provides high precision machining services. Their main services include Custom Machining, Metal Fabrication, Reverse Engineering, Design Development, Scale Model Prototyping, Injection Molding, and 3D Printing.

Their team is made up of specialized technicians who are in constant training so that they can always continue to deliver higher quality to customers. They adopted the latest technologies and have automated their procedures which can easily accommodate complex geometries with minimal human involvement, reducing traditional manual labor.

5. GMT Corporation

   – Location: IOWA, USA

   – Contact: (319) 352-1509

   – Founded in: 1973

   – Company Strengths: The company offers professional services in CNC Machining for complex and large parts. Other than this, they are specialized in providing services in fabrication and welding.  solving some of the biggest manufacturing challenges faced by its clients.

GMT Corporation offers Machining Services with excellent and high-quality solutions with high-efficiency machinery, high performance, and excellent finishing of the parts, in this way, GRR Corporation will continue in the machining service segment, building its history of success, of the solid, correct, and engaged way of always doing the best for its customers, suppliers, employees, and all its partners.

GMT corporation has done ISO 9001:2015 certification to ensure the quality of their services to provide precision and tolerance in their products according to specified specifications.

As a quality policy, they are committed to providing high quality products and services, in order to meet customers’ expectations. They are known for solving some of the most complex manufacturing challenges for their customers. 


Finding CNC lathe machining companies, discovering the best factories, and receiving a value estimate right is the hard job and you can do it without any prior knowledge. In this article, the best companies will provide you with services with high precision and have technologies related to Industry 4.0. If you are interested in CNC lathe machining companies and would like more information about the company, contact us on our website.

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