Weather – Thunder Bay Snow expected later Thursday Evening November Marches into Winter

Weather Outlook Bullrushes

Thunder Bay – Weather – Thunder Bay stands still under a canopy of clouds with the thermometer reading a neutral 0°C. The wind is gentle, with speeds up to 15 km/h, but enough to send a chill down the spine with a wind chill of minus 6 this morning. The day’s high is projected to reach a cozy plus 5°C, a small comfort under the low UV index of 1.

Evening Forecast:

As day transitions into night, the cloud cover continues to dominate the sky, setting the stage for the snow flurries that are expected to make their entrance overnight. The temperature is forecast to dip to a low of minus 3°C, heralding the chilly nights of November.

Friday Forecast:

Friday echoes the chilly narrative with flurries continuing their dance till the afternoon, after which the sky is expected to clear. The wind, however, decides to pick up the pace, becoming northwest at 20 km/h and gusting to 40 by late morning. Despite the high reaching plus 5°C, the morning wind chill of minus 7 is a crisp reminder of the winter whispers. The UV index remains low, necessitating less concern for sun exposure.

Staying Warm:

As the flurries mark the beginning of November’s chilly days, residents are advised to bundle up and keep warm. The transition from fall to winter is becoming apparent, and it’s the perfect time to dig out those warm gloves and hats. Whether you’re stepping out or cozying up at home, staying warm is the mantra as we navigate through the early days of November in Thunder Bay.

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