Weather Outlook Thunder Bay: A Soft Drizzle to a Steady Rainfall!

Sunrise Thunder Bay Ontario
Good morning, Thunder Bay!

Clouds, Drizzles, and the Whisper of Winter Flurries!

Thunder Bay Forecast Synopsis: Thunder Bay wakes to a cloudy sky with a light touch of drizzle possible this morning. As the day warms to a high of 10°C, the clouds might share some showers by late afternoon, with a 60% chance on the forecast. The UV index stays low, suggesting a soft light through the veil of clouds.

Clothing Cue: Today A light, water-resistant jacket might just be your best companion to sail smoothly through the drizzles and potential showers.

Act II: An Evening Rain As the evening unfolds, the clouds grow generous, offering steadier rain with an accumulation of 5 to 10 mm. The wind, aligning with the northeast at 20 km/h before dawn, adds a crisp note to the night with a low of +5°C.

Clothing Cue: Tonight Your raincoat and a sturdy pair of boots are tickets to a comfortable and dry evening.

Act III: Rainy Rhythms Thursday continues the watery tune with periods of rain totalling around 5 mm. The wind shifts north at 20 km/h in the morning while temperatures hum a cooler melody near 6°C.

Clothing Cue: Thursday Keep your rain gear handy and perhaps add a warm layer to match the cooler temperatures.

Night Narrative The night brings a twist to the tale with a 60% chance of rain showers or a sneak peek of winter flurries. Temperatures chill to a low of +2°C, hinting at the cooler days ahead.

Clothing Cue: Thursday Night A warm, waterproof ensemble and a playful spirit will prepare you for the whimsical weather mix.

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