Friday October 20, 2023 Thunder Bay Weather Outlook

Rainy Day Weather

Thunder Bay – Weather – Today will provide a good mix of sun and clouds, with the potential for evening showers. The temperatures are on the cooler side in the morning, but they will warm up as the day progresses. Remember to carry an umbrella or a rain jacket if you’re planning to be out late in the evening. Enjoy your day and stay warm!

🌞 Current Conditions:

  • Temperature: -2°C at 7:00 am.
  • It’s a brisk morning in Thunder Bay, with a chill in the damp air. Early risers will feel the crispness, so bundling up is advisable.

Today’s Forecast:

  • Morning: The skies will transition between sunny and cloudy intervals, offering a somewhat varied sky spectacle.
  • Afternoon: Temperatures will steadily rise to a comfortable high of 11°C. The UV index stands at a low level of 2, indicating that sun exposure should be relatively safe for brief durations.


  • The evening will witness an early increase in cloudiness.
  • There’s a 60% chance of rain showers, so it’s a good idea to have rain gear handy if you’re venturing out later.
  • The temperatures will be more mild, with an expected low of +5°C.

Saturday, 21st Oct:

  • Saturday promises to offer a balanced sky display, with alternating periods of sun and cloud.
  • The day’s temperature is predicted to reach a high of 9°C, making it a slightly cooler day.


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